As the sole corporate marketing designer at Big Viking Games - a company still in it's infancy when I started - I was given the opportunity to drive the young brand's design under the supervision of one marketing manager and the CEO, and define a cohesive visual language for all branded materials.

Being a mobile game company that felt at home in the tech startup space, I established the company's modern, minimalist design aesthetic, with use of geometric shapes and patterns to stay in line with their tech nature.

The designs have been used in many mediums, from printed recruiting materials for events, to apparel design for intra-company swag, and digital promotion for social media platforms.

The brand comes to life on a lot of tangible swag items, like shirts and hoodies, hats and lanyards, glassware and mugs; I often worked directly with printers and manufacturers to get the designs up to spec for production, and vetted the quality of test pieces and samples.