The Science Project

The Science Project is a small interactive design studio based in Manhattan, founded in 2010. Pushing both the boundaries of what is technically possible and currently on the market for interactive retail design, TSP merges high quality design based in traditional print styles with the digital world, typically for high fashion retailers. 

During my time TSP, I contributed to an interactive touch table and digital editorial for fashion brand Boston Proper. The Trend Table can be seen here in a Boston Proper store, with e-commerce capability and the digital editorial, StyleEdit, available for customers to peruse 



StyleEdit is a custom built platform for digital editorial content, that uses traditional print styles to engage readers with high quality content, while also infusing e-commerce capabilities, by being able to directly buy the looks featured in the spreads.

I contributed many editorial layouts for the launch issue during my time at TSP, with a small team of designers and developers. Due to the interactive nature of the piece, UI & UX considerations had to be taken to ensure an engaging and accessible experience.


Ux & Information Architecture

I was one of the sole drivers of documentation for the project as I was there for the inception to the launch. I contributed to and documented user flows, wireframes, multitouch gesture matrices, site maps, and a case study on the existing e-commerce structure flaws. I often was able to present these in check-in meetings with the creative executives at Boston Proper.


Trend Table

The Trend Table was built from scratch during my time there, using custom touch interface hardware and software to be able to switch between the 3 functions of the table: to run the StyleEdit editorial, as well as the Boston Proper existing e-commerce site, and a 'home' state shown below that connected the two experiences. I was given the opportunity to create the home interface, experience, and layout, as well as contribute to the interface and user experience of the other functions of the table and its core navigation.