Big Viking Games promotes their games on social media channels and on the iOS or Facebook app platforms with images and videos to promote the game's features, content updates, themes, and events to existing players and to acquire new users.

As the sole product marketing designer, I used the game's brand assets, logo, and typography, as well existing game art, supported by my own original graphic assets to hit deadlines for big promotion pushes with direction from the producer on that title and the product marketing manager.


Facebook App Center & Ios App Store

All graphics needed to promote a game - app icons, banners, feature images - on the Facebook game page or iOS app page were solely my responsibility to produce, using images either captured directly from in-game, scenes recreated using game assets, or using key art to create new layouts, accompanied by my own graphic elements.



In order to keep up the games' retention rates, Facebook ads had to be produced on a weekly or monthly schedule, to continually draw new players. I produced numerous of these ads, a small sampling of which is shown here.


FACEBOOK Community Pages

Many games have their own page to give information to the community, which had to display the app icon, a larger banner that often changed with seasonal events, and many image posts to promote updates and new features to the players, all of which I produced often.