Hi, I’m Nora and I'm a creator.

I’m a designer by trade but I don’t just design. I capture the world through a lens, but I’m not just a photographer. I love to build things, but I'm not just a carpenter. What I really do in all facets of my life is create, and use creative problem solving in whatever medium I can; it’s the kind of passion you never retire from.

Professionally, I’m a creator in the interactive design space. I gravitate towards the storytelling and rhythm of motion graphics and animation, and towards digital interfaces that feel as good to use as they look - intuitive and gorgeous make a killer pair.

My favourite creations to consume are video games - a wonderful byproduct of different disciplines in art and technology that come together like none other, and can create whole worlds in my living room.

Working together to make something great is my goal, so drop me a line and let’s get creating.

nora.leca [@] gmail.com



Semi Finalist, 2013
Package Design


Winner, Student Awards 2013
Animation (x2)
Winner, Student Awards 2014
Interactive/Demo Reel