What started as a small arcade style, shoot 'em up infinite runner and evolved into a diverse, freemium gaming experience in HTML5,  GalatronVS has been a year in the making at Big Viking Games, with me in the core of our small team, driving the entire interface lifecycle. From concepting the experience with our game designer & product managers, to wireframing the layouts, documenting user flows of the entire experience, and producing pixel-perfect interface assets for every HUD, button and menu, nine-sliced and exported optimally for very small size constraints on the open-web HTML5 environment. Below is a sample of work from the many different stages of this product.

I've even gotten the chance to work closely with the developers behind our studio's in-house engine, defining the features and experience for the GUI of our own UI Editor, as I am one of the few who uses the editor on a daily basis, implementing and laying out the UI art I've created in a scene to be used directly by the developers for code hookup. As one of the few people bridging the production pipeline between art and development, I've learned to be keenly aware of technical limitations and best practices of our development environment, and how to communicate those limitations to other contributing artists.

System Mapping Flows

UX Flows By Feature

HUD Interface EvolutionS

Iteration on Interface features

Sketching Wireframes & Flows